Issue 15: A Chinese City

By Sheera CHAN (ELED Year 3, 2013-2014)

The city is no longer the one of mine,
Telling its name gives me no sense of pride.
It gains its fame of a shoppers’ paradise
where LV, Gucci and Fendi lie.
It’s become the priced divertissement for them,
not the priceless dwellings for us.

Beneath the plazas and malls
is the reclamation of our harbor.
Behind the mushroom of the high-rise
are the secret vanishment of our skyline
and the blatant vanishment of our powdered milk
which is plugged into the stolen houses.

Things have been sacrificed
for things that don’t deserve the sacrifice.
Who ever heard the Tsoi Yuen Village cry?
The new bauhinia blakeana is now customized
and placed at the center of the reddish Bauhinia Square
to celebrate the influx of the renminbi tide.

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