Issue 15: Colour

By Heidi HO (ELED graduate)

I thought everyone likes rainbows
with a variety of hues embellishing the sky
Red, blue, black and white
All refracted from the light

Yellow am I
Like the shimmering sunshine, pure and bright
Shaded when blending with black
Diluted when tinted with white

But then I realise
not everyone likes rainbows
for yellow is weak
and black is bleak

Gazing upon the sky
red, blue, black and white
all originated from the Light

One Comment

  1. Thank you for such a colourful poem, Heidi. I am no expert when it comes to poetry, but it is always fun to read and learn. I especially love how you use the word “tint” in the second stanza. The touch of white feels light and delicate just because of it.

    Also, in response to your third stanza:

    As for black and yellow,
    It shan’t be weak – what about mellow?
    It shan’t be bleak – what about subtle?
    I think I like them both.

    : )

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