Issue 15: Country of Love

By Simon CHAN (ELED Year 3, 2013-2014)

I was from a single-parent family. Was that the reason my dad had been so concerned about and so loving to me? My dad literally loved me unsparingly. I remember coming home sobbing the other day (8 years ago when I was 10) after tumbling over a rock or an Ape. He embraced me in his arms, kissing me so many times on my face and shoulders that I could still seem to feel his lips at the moment.

“Was that an Ape I stepped on, Daddy? What is an Ape, Daddy?” I asked him.

“Well, it could be. Apes are just like dead monkeys you know. They were once human beings but they are not anymore.” His palm caressed my little chest while whispering to my left ear.

“Because Apes simply have lost their humanity. They don’t understand love. Their love is restricted and bounded by many stupid rules. As a result they were cast out in natural selection…well you will learn these words when you get older.”

“Can I make friends with them? I want to have an Ape.”

“No, no way. You know why? Apes don’t talk. The time when they last uttered a human word was ages ago. Remember this: Apes don’t think, Apes don’t talk, and Apes don’t love.”

I know he was lying of course, because I was talking to an Ape the other day. He looked very old and lowly. He called himself Christopher, though I can hardly imagine a Christopher who had so much grime and dirt all over his face and body; who reeked so awfully of rotten flesh; who spoke so fearfully as if the words would backfire and engulf him.

“No…no! No mother. No marry! Myyyyy mmmmother…” He crouched in a really dark corner of the street, wrapping his knees. He had repeated those choppy utterances all the morning.

“What happened to your mother, Christopher? Where is she? Perhaps I can help you find her.”

“No! Don’t! Mum dead! Mum dead! FXXK! FXXK! FXXK!” He screeched suddenly, but what really caught my attention was his hands, which were then covering his genital.

I found him disgusting and a bit boring, so I stopped wandering and went home. I couldn’t sleep the whole night, but I guess it was normal, wasn’t it? It would be my wedding the next day. Everyone would be clapping their hands while witnessing the most blessed moment of George and me. I couldn’t help giggling whenever that picture crossed my mind.

I had a nightmare though. In my dream Christopher broke into the church and messed up everything, completely ruining my wedding. This dream was extremely weird and kept bothering me.

I mentioned the nightmare to George after the ceremony speech (what a lovely one delivered by Father John). George patted my head gently and assured me that everything would be fine.

“Well shall I say something. Your dream reminds me of the old days.” said Father John, who sounded so authoritative and sage. “I remember years ago there did come an Ape who attempted to make trouble in a wedding party. That foolish boy not only acted abruptly but also uttered those forbidden words. Thank heaven he was immediately taken by the guards.”

“What did he say, Father?”

“Oh dear. The message from hell. Look, God has created all of us and offered Christ as the sacred sacrifice for mankind. So great was the cost paid that we should never forget the essence of love. That son of devil, disciple of Satan, claimed that the newlyweds should not be approved of getting married since they were full siblings.”

“But why? Did that marriage do any harm to others?”


“Did they intend to make a baby?”

“No. Indeed they planned to seek for sperm donation to avoid inbreeding.”

“Then what’s the matter? Why would he say that?” I was getting more curious as well as confused.

“Alright, let’s forget about this nonsense, Billy. It seems that Mr. Gordon wants to take a photo with us. Let’s not give him the cold shoulder.” said Dad (or George, now my darling).

As I was walking I looked outside the old Catholic church window. A voice echoed in my head, questioning “WHY is that unacceptable?”

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