Issue 15: Where have all my sheep gone?

By Kelly CHAN (ELED Year 2, 2013-2014)

One sheep, two sheep, trhee seehp, ftohr…fftiy-nine, tenwty sheepies
The first one was always Betty and the second came Sleepie
They hid from the light so I saw them in the dark
When I was small, I kept them in my park
Every night they jumped and grazed
Now they have gone astray
Who led them away?
Perhaps it is my table lamp and computer screen which scare them away;
Perhaps they find it too crowded as my books occupy all the space;
It is possible that they dislike the deep frown on my face;
I no longer feel the fluffy wool which soothes me
only the chilly winter night breeze
Not a single baa or song
but chirps at dawn
Now that I am the thief, I shall grieve. Or shall I not?

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