Issue 28 – 3 Golden Rules to Live a Healthy Life 

By Rainbow Chan (ELED Year 4 student 2020-21)

Undoubtedly, people around the world are living a hectic life nowadays. However, under the COVID-19 pandemic, people have started to slow their living pace down and therefore starting to realize the significance of healthy lifestyles. The real question is: What should we do to live more healthily? It is always easy to put off healthy living habits. However, you do not have to wait for New Years to start carrying out a healthier lifestyle! Here are some rules you may follow when managing a healthier lifestyle:

Rule 1: Exercise Regularly

A lot of research has proven the importance of regular exercise. We should engage in aerobic exercise, such as jogging, swimming or cycling, for at least 30 minutes a day. Students sit on chairs for at least 7 hours a day. Since we are used to sitting for so long, our blood might not circulate well due to a lack of exercise. Therefore, we should move as much as we can on a daily basis so that our blood can circulate well too.

Rule 2: Eat Organic Food

Aside from exercising, a healthy diet is also the key to having a healthy body. In this day and age, people are facing a lot of temptations — potato chips, sweets and processed food are extremely harmful to our health. For this reason, we should eat more organic fruits and vegetables because such food can detoxify our bodies. Nevertheless, don’t over-consume organic food. We should strike a balance in our diet. Believe it or not, sometimes eating a little bit of junk food is not bad too as it can relieve some stress!

Rule 3: Pay Attention to Mental Health

Speaking of stress, there is no denying that everyone living in modern society feels tension in their daily life. Thanks to the busy schedules we have, we might face a lot of pressure in our lives. Thus, we should release our stress regularly. Go somewhere relaxing with your friends, drink a cup of heart-warming tea after a long day, listen to some soothing songs after an exhausting week… These little things help us relax our minds. 

These 3 rules are the golden tips to a healthy lifestyle. Do more exercise, eat healthier food and most importantly don’t forget to give yourselves some rest!  After all, we are the most precious ones to ourselves in this tiring world.

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