Issue 29 – Eyes on TV!

by Minnie Tso (ELED Year 2 student – 2020-2021)

Thanks to COVID-19, we have not been going out and hanging around for over a year, so perhaps watching TV is the most ideal entertainment. Before the pandemic, it is likely for people to conceive TV series as a daily routine after dinner. However, I’ve started to realize more benefits of watching TV.

Owing to the diverse TV genres, I can always search for one that is in line with my interest and mood and I can sit in front of my laptop for a whole day being glued to the screen. TV dramas, movies such as Kissing Booth (2018), and variety shows such as Modern Family (2009), and We Got Married (2008) were all my choices in my idle time at the beginning of the quarantine. After several months watching them, subtly, I found my listening skills improve when it comes to foreign languages, mainly English and Korean. Even though learning Korean was not my intention for clicking into a K-drama, it has primed me with a large amount of exposure to the language, particularly when I tend to spend hours per day on it.
Let me give you a specific instance of how TV shows did magic tricks on me. Before I started watching Vampire Diaries and falling in love with this TV show, I had no interest in diary writing. However, surprisingly, the show fostered my fondness for language learning. Apparently, watching a TV show allows you to ponder over things from a distinct perspective. You may also be inspired to do something you were reluctant to. It simultaneously broadens your insight as you start trying to understand different characters’ lives and thinking while enjoying the plots.

What’s more, watching movies connects us with friends (through “Netflix Party”). There is an extension on Google Chrome called “Netflix Party” for Netflix users, which allows more than one user to watch the same episode together despite the distance in reality. This is indeed a great invention for people who like staying at home to gather with their friends, not to mention we are at the better-not-to-go-out state. Don’t want to have your mask on while watching films? “Netflix Party” would be your terrific choice.

At the end of the day, TV is an ideal companion during this virus outbreak. Not only can it soothe our dullness, but it also serves as an educational tool and a bridge to our buddies. Visit a streaming service website today and start looking for intriguing TV series! You will undoubtedly discover a whole new world to spend your free time. (Of course, there are still a bunch of inappropriate content you may access, so remember to be critical and selective!)

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