Issue 29 – “That Girl”

by Viola Chan (ELED Year 1 student 2020-2021)

Do you know who “that girl” is? You can see her everywhere nowadays – on TikTok, on Instagram, and on YouTube. It is now a trend to be like her, with so many influencers living like her.  There are also plenty of YouTube videos claiming to be ‘The guide to being “that girl”’ – It’s now a trend to be like her. At the same time, it is also sparking the conversation – ‘whether or not we need to be “that girl”.’

“That girl” is a term to describe a type of girl. They often have a perfectly curated morning and night routine, where they will not use their phone but use the time to be mindful, to start the day well, or use the time to wind down and reflect on their day. They have such a healthy sleep schedule, sleeping at 9 or 10 p.m. and waking up at 5 a.m. when the sky is still dark. They journal all the time, writing down their thoughts, things they are grateful for or even how they want their future to be. They meditate every single day. They eat healthy, maybe vegan; they drink green smoothies or protein shakes every morning. They exercise regularly – going to the gym, going on walks and runs, or doing at home exercises. To be concise – “that girl” is the healthiest person (who doesn’t even have to be a girl), inside and out. 

Sounds perfect, right? Well, before you decide to be one, you should bear in mind that these lifestyles shown in such videos can easily be fake. It is not difficult at all for them to just live that way for a few days and film it. There may be days when they live perfectly like that, and there is no denying that some people may actually live that way. Yet, it is definitely not the kind of lifestyle that many people can persist in. Before you set your alarm to 5 a.m. every morning and throw away every pack of snacks, forcing yourself to live like “that girl” to have a “glow-up”, think carefully about that. “That girl” can be an inspiration to how you want to live your life, or  it can also be a motivation for you to start living a more healthy lifestyle. However, you shouldn’t force all these new habits onto yourself immediately and stress over the fact that you cannot achieve the goals. What you force on yourself might just be somebody’s routine for that one day only. Everybody lives a different life. Some need to work around the clock, some need to work a night shift, and some cannot afford the facilities or ingredients needed. Not only is “that girl’s” life too harsh and perfect to follow in general, but it also just may not be suitable for you personally. 

That being said, we can all try to live a healthier lifestyle – it will never harm you. Step by step, try to create a routine that is suitable for you personally. Starting from today, try incorporating something healthy into your everyday routine. Not much, just add one thing. You can find inspiration from those videos as I have said. “That girl” wakes up at 5 a.m. every morning – you can instead try sleeping 15 minutes earlier than you did yesterday. “That girl” only eats healthy – you might rather  try incorporating more greens and fibre into your meals and be more mindful about the things you consume. “That girl” exercises  every single day – you can alternatively try doing 10-minute full body workouts at home first, going on a walk near your block thrice a week, or perhaps just try walking to your destinations more if you can. Just as most things are, we can always take baby steps instead of aiming too high and end up giving up on the thing we are attempting. 

You don’t have to be “that girl”. As long as you are improving and becoming a better person than you were, that is what really matters at the end of the day. You can be healthy in your own way, and you can be your very own kind of girl. Define yourself.

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