Issue 23: Charlotte

By Chloe KWONG (ELED Year 5, 2017-2018) I’m born with words and music. These two babies are your magic tricks. You love the beauty of metaphors The Hollywood sadcore. You dance to the beat of your favourite songs Listen to them all night long. You get indulged in the melody Go deeper and deeper into …


Issue 23: Listen to Us Please!  

By Lok Yi LAI (ELED Year 4, 2017-2018) “Open the door and start your narrow journey Take your seat and study hard with your nose!”   This is our childhood, a tiger Swallowing all the rabbits in the wild Roaring at us with a flood of words No flowers! No bulbs! No siu-mai to eat!

Issue 23: Pass

By Jacky WONG (ELED Year 1, 2017-2018) “On your marks”, the starter said. “Bang”, I could barely see the runners she led. Soon, my former English teacher passed the baton to me. Never had she imagined, I’m now a teacher-to-be.

Issue 22: A Letter to You

By Chloe KWONG (ELED Year 5, 2017-2018) Hello, it’s me. Do you still remember me? Are you fed up with what you’re doing? Doubts pop up in your mind Like bubbles frothing and slushing in the tide Now I would like you to pause And save this moment for me.