Issue 27- Heal

by Chloe Kwong (2013 Graduate) Heal Stage 1: have+steal Something yours is stolen Gone like a whish Faded away like the sand Is it just taken? Or is it you who gave it away? Don’t want to admit it Yet you have to face it. Stage 2: hear+feel Hear your inner voice Feel your broken …


Issue 25: Lost and Found

By Chloe Kwong (2018 graduate) I’m Jasmine. I’m 24 years old. I’m a junior worker at Painless Committee. Mr. Wong is my boss. Our company strives to help people live a painless life. My client today is Mr. Jeffrey Ho. He’s coming at 11am.   After being briefed about my duty today, I put on …


Issue 23: Charlotte

By Chloe KWONG (ELED Year 5, 2017-2018) I’m born with words and music. These two babies are your magic tricks. You love the beauty of metaphors The Hollywood sadcore. You dance to the beat of your favourite songs Listen to them all night long. You get indulged in the melody Go deeper and deeper into …


Issue 22: A Letter to You

By Chloe KWONG (ELED Year 5, 2017-2018) Hello, it’s me. Do you still remember me? Are you fed up with what you’re doing? Doubts pop up in your mind Like bubbles frothing and slushing in the tide Now I would like you to pause And save this moment for me.

Special Issue: Six-Word Story

Thank you for your support for the six-word story competition!  Forty-two responses were received and the results are as follows.   2 Champions (both received 19 votes): Search: winter hk. 404 not found. By Chloe KWONG (ELED Year 4, 2016-2017)   CUSIS. select. enroll. proceed. internet error. By Nick CHAN (ELED Year 3, 2016-2017)   …


Special Issue (Beijing 2015): Beijing Interflow—An inspiring and meaningful teaching and learning experience

By Latia Wan (Year 4, 2015-2016) and Chloe Kwong (Year 3, 2015-2016) Provided with the opportunity to teach English in both primary and secondary classrooms in Beijing, we have not only gained valuable experience in having a better understanding of the English language environment in Beijing, but we have also reflected on our own strengths …