Issue 17: The Crow’s Admirer

By Renee CHAU (ELED Year 2, 2014-2015) Look! Having days after days of gloomy weather, the sun finally came along the forest. The flowers and grass stretched, twisted and danced in the gentle breeze. The crow just woke up in this delicate morning, breathing in the sweet fragrance of spring. KOWW. “What a sunny day! It …


Issue 17: Xiang Gang

By Jacky PUN (ELED Year 4, 2014-2015) Who gave her the name Hong Kong? It sounds too much like ting ting tong tong ping ping pong pong. What a disgrace to her! From this day forth, there is no more Hong; no more Kong; but only Xiang Gang.

Issue 17: Putting ourselves in students’ shoes

By Claudia CHAN (ELED Year 4, 2014-2015) There is no way for teachers to teach without students. Therefore, students are the core in teaching. Besides tying our lesson planning to the tight schedule, designing teaching materials and marking, we teachers should first understand and know our students, their abilities, strengths and weaknesses, needs and interests. Teaching practices are …