Issue 22: A Parenting Guide

By Jesper MOK (ELED alumnus) It was six o’clock in the evening but the first class compartment wasn’t fully packed with people. It was calm and peaceful, with tiredness from all passengers filled the  room. Everyone had their eyes almost half-closed. Sitting in front of me were a little girl and her mom. The girl …


Issue 22: A Letter to You

By Chloe KWONG (ELED Year 5, 2017-2018) Hello, it’s me. Do you still remember me? Are you fed up with what you’re doing? Doubts pop up in your mind Like bubbles frothing and slushing in the tide Now I would like you to pause And save this moment for me.

Issue 22: Travelling Solo

By Trista TANG (ELED Year 4, 2017-2018) What if I get on a wrong train or miss a scheduled flight? What if I get robbed? What if I feel lonely and homesick but there is nobody around to talk to? Many different undesirable situations popped up in my mind when I was taking the underground …